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Today, 196 years ago, Moira Ramchandra Das, who came from Debrajhat village in Bardhaman-Khandagoshi, sold sweets in Pathusarihatara market. Today, the shop of Ram-Moera, passing through six generations, is one of the Sandesh-seller ‘Makhan Lal Das and Son’s of Kolkata.

Hats on Monday and Thursday in the region where the ‘new market’ is now on the former Chitpur road. Ramchandra sells sweets in the hutla cottage and other days of the week and sweets sold in the area. According to the custom of the era, the shop continued in the name of Moira. The son sold sweet sweets like Madhab Chandra Baba. He was short-lived The condition of the change is that of Madhab Chandra’s son from Makhan Lal.

Being orphaned at a young age, the charge of the shop fell in the hands of Makhanlal, three years before the Sepoy rebellion. Now Swapan Das, one of the owners of the shop, said, Makhanlal first focused on the quality of the sweets. In the early part of the confectionery of Bengal, the sweet nuts made from sugar, Lathas, Kadma, Tilua, Manda Sweets and Ghansha fried Pantuya are sweet.
The second kind of sweet was forbidden. So desserts made any kind of sweet. Makhanlal Munda insisted on making the sweetness of the country according to the tradition of the father. A sweet sandy named ‘Sandesh’ has already emerged in Bengal’s confectionery.

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